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For COVID-19

Helping Your First Responders Stay Prepared During This Health Crisis

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A Quick Message from First Due CEO Andreas Huber & The First Due Team:
"Here at First Due we are dedicated to equipping First Responders across the United States with the data they need to know the structural and occupancy details of their response area that save lives when seconds count. Our Community Connect Feature is a massive part of this effort - helping those on the front lines better protect residents by filling them in on their home's details that only they know. These details save lives.

Every citizen and every business has the responsibility to help our society better react to the challenges posed by threats like NCOV-19. For this reason, we have elected to make our Community Connect technology available nationwide to alert First Responders as to the members of their community who will be self-isolating due to the Coronavirus.
First Due CEO Andreas Huber

COMMunity Connect for covid-19

How Can YOU contribute during the COVID-19 crisis?
Community Connect is the industry-leading tool used by Public Safety Agencies nationwide to engage with the public on life-safety information unique to your household. Sharing this information directly with First Responders helps them achieve the best possible incident outcomes during an emergency. During this time of need, it is everyone's responsibility to do their part to protect their community by self-reporting COVID-19 related information and status.

To battle COVID-19, Community Connect is being provided as a self-reporting tool at NO COST across the United States to help our First Responders effectively track and manage COVID-19 cases. The Community Connect platform is secure, HIPAA compliant, and available across any connected device.

Thank you for joining us and Emergency Services personnel around the United States in the fight against COVID-19. #selfreport

how does it work?

Create your Anonymous Account

Sign in for free on any device and get started doing your part. It just takes your email, phone number and address.

Enter COVID Related Information

Enter valuable information that can help your First Responders keep track of COVID-19 and high-risk occupant related information.

That's it!

Give yourself a pat on the back! You just did your part in helping First Responders be better prepared for this battle against COVID-19.

what kinds of information can i provide?

Any information you provide through Community Connect is completely voluntary and based on what you are comfortable sharing. We have made it easy for you to know what may be important by organizing your secure portal into buckets of information you can enter.

Your Property

Understanding critical information such as your residence type, whether or not you have fire sprinklers, or designated family meeting places, improves our ability to respond and make decisions during an emergency.

Your People

Let us know who is best to contact in case of an emergency. Your contacts can help us with everything from access, to how to deal with potential hazards or locate occupants. Getting in touch helps us better communicate at the time when it’s needed most.

Your Needs

If you or members of your family have mobility or other types of functional needs that may require additional assistance, letting us know means we can plan accordingly and respond more quickly to those needs.

Your Pets

Your pets are part of the family too. We want to make sure that we are able to evacuate pets and best handle them as best we can during an incident. Tell us about any type of pet at your residence – even take a photo so we can spot them easily!

WHO should self-report?

Everyone should self-report. Even if you are asymptomatic or tested negative, it is important to let First Responders know your situation. If you are high-risk or have any access and functional needs, please also self-report so that emergency services can be better prepared to help during this crisis.


It is important for everyone to report regardless of age, health or suspicion of infection. Do your part and help your First Responders!


People who are considered high-risk from an age and health perspective or have access and functional needs should report.


Anyone who has tested positive, showing symptoms or has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or has symptoms.

how secure is my data and how is it used?

Data that you provide through Community Connect is 100% secure and is used only for the purpose of better informing your First Responders during the COVID-19 Health Crisis. Your information is never used for any other purpose. All logins are password protected with bank level encryption and security. If you’re comfortable logging in to your online bank you’ll be comfortable logging in to Community Connect.

Community Connect is

100% Secure



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