Reading Fire Department Launches Community Connect

Reading, MA

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Reading, MA - Reading Fire Department has been working closely with technology partner First Due to release Community Connect, an application focused on protecting residents and their property in the most effective way possible during an incident or major disaster. Community Connect is a secure, no cost, and easy to use platform that allows residents to share critical information about their household in order to aid first responders to respond more efficiently and effectively; ultimately resulting in better incident outcomes. “This program is a modern version of the ‘Tot Finder’ program. It gives us critical information prior to arriving at your property. This allows for faster, more accurate decision-making during an emergency,” says Chief Greg Burns.

In addition to the residential portal, Community Connect also helps business owners and managers keep people at their commercial properties safe by giving First Responders access to critical documents such as evacuation procedures, occupant rosters, hazardous material lists and more. Additionally, designated contacts at commercial properties that joined the program will receive immediate alerts via text message when First Responders are dispatched to the building address.

"Community Connect is a secure, easy to use platform that allows residents to share critical information about their household in order to aid first responders and emergency service personnel to respond more efficiently and effectively"

Community Connect is completely voluntary and residents are individually able to decide which information they are comfortable sharing. Residents simply create a profile and enter critical property and occupant information which is then made available to the Fire Department at the time of dispatch. Data provided by residents within Community Connect is 100% secure and is used only for the purpose of better serving our residents during emergency situations.

To learn more about the program and to create your profile, please visit Reading Community Connect.

About First Due

First Due is on a mission to end first responder and citizen injuries due to a lack of information. First Due is focused on providing solutions for Fire and EMS agencies and the communities they serve, all with the goal of ensuring optimal preparedness for disaster situations.

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Ron Kanter
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About Reading Fire Department

Our mission is to be an innovative department that is committed to providing the highest levels of public safety services to the residents and visitors of our community. We protect lives, property, and the environment by providing high-quality and professional emergency medical care, fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency management, and public education.

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Captain Rick Nelson
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